Thursday, March 31, 2016

Reading InBetween The Lines

I asked Rachel Naud if she remembers our first meeting.

She does.

After she reminded me about it,  I felt all different shades of guilty.

RACHEL NAUD: What's amazing is, she still talks to me.
Before I explain why, you have to know that Rachel is an editor and writer and publisher.

A few years back, she launched a magazine called INBETWEEN--it's for parents of teenagers--and maybe because she assumed me to be a teeniebopper in an old man's carcass--she asked me to contribute.

I did and do.

She built the business from nothing. It probably took  more all nighters, nail biters and sheer bullheadedness than I've ever committed to any journalistic project.

And this week, Rachel announced that INBETWEEN has been redesigned and relaunched, and man is it spiffy. The girl don't give up.

There's a link to the magazine below, but before you see for yourself, read this.

                       "Why I'm Awash With Guilt"
                                      by Peter

 2001 Reasons to Read INBETWEEN
I asked for Rachel's recollection of our first encounter. She had just graduated from journalism school; I was an editor at Chatelaine.

Rachel: "I spent money I didn't have on one of those books that listed all the magazines and editors in Canada.  I can't remember what it was called. (Seems so archaic now!).  Anyhow, I saw your name and called you.  And, you, to my delight and absolute terror, ANSWERED THE PHONE.
I introduced myself and told you I was wanted to write for you. You met me for coffee at the food court in the old Maclean-Hunter Building (was that what it was called?). We talked. You asked if I understood what Chatelaine was about. I guess you were happy with my definition of it because you gave me an assignment. 

"How to host a year 2001 New Year's Eve Party based on the movie 2001: Space Odyssey." 

Like. X@#!!*! 

I had to watch that horrible movie and basically fast-forward through it. It was painful.

But I wrote it. And it printed on the  last page of Chatelaine and I was so proud."
INBETWEEN COVERS ARE a strong suit. Get it?
Back to Me:  Anybody who says they actually  enjoyed 2001: A Space Odyssey is either lying or they were--when they saw it--as stoned as a gravel road.  If I'd been forced  to endure  2001 in order to have a magazine story published, I'd still be burning beef at McDonald's.   

So congratufreakinglations to  Rachel for INBETWEEN. I know how much work and sweat and frustration and "No thanks I'll get back to you Rachels" go into something like that.

Then again, maybe the slogging through the Kubrick flick steeled her for the effort.

With that, here's a link to Rachel's brainchild.

Please read enjoy, tell your friends about it, and share. The more  this country gets of Rachel Naud's journalism, the better we'll all  be. 

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  1. Yes, I saw the movie, yes to that gravel road reference. If I see any article in there about trucks, I'm dissing it!