Sunday, July 17, 2016

11 Things I Never Want Snopesed.

The other day, I realized that I have a broad assortment of facts and factoids that I turn to on a surprisingly regular basis but for which I have no evidence whatsoever. None. 

For some inexplicable reason I heard or read or dreamt up a few things that suited my world view so perfectly I grabbed them and never let them go.

I bet you have some of these gems floating around in your default information bank, too.

So here, unplugged and unfact-checked, I present, 11 things I never want Snopesed.

1)    A slice of pepperoni pizza contains all the major food groups;

2)    Shakespeare never intended his plays to be written down and published in books, much less studied ;

3)   On a commercially operated ski hill, if you let a bowling ball go at the top, it will follow a path to the bottom  where the skiers line up for the lift;
by Rodney Frost

  4)    20 percent of all magazine reading gets done in the john. 

  5)    An airplane “wants” to fly; i.e., if the engine fails in mid-air, it’ll glide smoothly to the ground; 

  6)    Astronauts age more slowly while they’re in space;

  7)    Artists like studios with north-facing windows because north light is consistent; 

  8)    Woody Guthrie was paid by the U.S. government to write “Roll On Columbia” to help sell the idea of building a dam;

  9)    In Dante’s Inferno, there’s a level of hell where people eat human flesh and when the poem is read aloud in the original Italian, the reader’s mouth moves in a chewing motion;

10)  Pigs are the smartest animals in the barnyard; 

11)  People are more liable to read an odd-numbered list than an even-numbered one.

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